April 2nd, 2009

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  • sevlow

FIC: The Needs of the Few; CH. 4

Title: The Needs of the Few
Rating: T
Characters: Mustang, Hawkeye, Ed, Al.
Warnings: Angst, tragedy.
Summary: Sometimes, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to realize your destiny.

Here's chapter 4: Roy strode forward, trying not to stumble too much. He imagined that he could feel Hawkeye’s eyes on his back and no matter how much his head hurt or how dizzy and nauseated the blow had made him, he could not let her see him fall. Not after what she had sacrificed to keep him standing.



 Hey fellow fans, um I wanted to know if anyone knows if this new series is going to be picked up by the fansubbing groups. Cause I've found that it is harder for fans to download some anime titles now, well sometimes it depends on the title, because file sharing site, like megaupload, get combed through sometimes. Anyway, I hope that the series will be picked up and made available by somebody, please!