February 22nd, 2009

Ed - Don't Wanna Be Caged

[fic] Forward the Machine (AT, Action/Adventure) - Chapter 7

Title: Forward the Machine - Chapter 07
Genre: Action/adventure, AT (diverging from mid-CoS)
Rating: R
Summary: (AT diverging from mid-movie): What if the Thule Society hadn’t opened the Gate on that fateful November 8th? What if Alfons Heiderich had yet to fire his rocket? What if Alphonse Elric was still out there searching? And what if Edward Elric...disappeared...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 (two parts)

Chapter 7 - Part I
Chapter 7 - Part II
[animals] hello thar ... kittay

Another lineart ^^;

Title: Study Time
Artist: isiteggs 
Notes: This is just the lineart. I intended to colour it without posting the lineart at all, but ... meh. I'll be busy in the upcoming week, so I decided to post it after all. ^_^ I drew Ed with glasses here, since I'm assuming he'll be needing them pretty soon. xD Also, I'm sure at least some people will complain about his femininity, and to that I say only... *points to 'Artist's Comments' on dA*. (But I understand you. Trust me. I just love torturing him, that's all. :D <3)


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Winry - I won&#39;t forget you
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FMA fic: Ashes 13/?

Title: Cloud Nine
Rating: G
Characters: Winry.
Summary: They were memories. She was solid, present and real. She had refused to become one of them, fleeting and immaterial, so she had left them, just like they had left her, and gone on with her life.
Warning: Post-movie.

Here it is!