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08 February 2009 @ 12:28 am
I know this is very random and a challenge, but I am in rather dire need of icons for a Dante roleplaying journal. After combing back through the pages of this and several icon communities, I've only managed to find three.

Thus, I come to beg for help. I need some good Dante icons. Anything will help! 

Thank you so much in advance!
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08 February 2009 @ 01:09 am

Title: Just the Two of Us

Character/Pairing: Gracia-centric [gen]

Rating: G

Word Count: 100

Summary: She already knows things will never be the same again, already aware of the hole in their lives she can never fill


She carries her sleeping daughter in her arms, steps over the threshold and shuts the door. )

08 February 2009 @ 01:30 am
Hi everyone,

My name is Huina, and I'm a comic artist. I've been thinking about doing an Elricest doujinshi for a while now, but I haven't been able to think up of a good story. I know that there are amazing writers here, so I thought that I'd post up a request for a story. I most likely will go with a previously written story, so if you're interested, please direct me to your fanfic.

Here are samples of my work:
My Webcomic
My DeviantArt Gallery

What I'm looking for:
-Elricest fluff. No NC-17 hardcore yaoi. Kissing and a little touching is ok.
-Not really looking for AU stuff
-one-shot preferable
-can include Alphonse Heidrich/Winry (I'm really open to anything as long as it includes themes of AlxEd)

This is just something for fun, so I won't be drawing very fast, but I will try my best to finish what I start. It most likely will be put on the internet first (as a webcomic) and maybe printed later, but I will discuss all of this with whoever's work I choose.
08 February 2009 @ 05:22 am
Excuse my excitement, but OMFG:

I hiiighly recommend watching it in HD.

EDIT: For people wondering what is being said in the trailer...
"To get back what we've lost, we'll keep moving forward! Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist!" And what time/channel it'll be airing on. The text at the end says "Is what lies on this palm hope or despair?"
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ZaKai Stonewall
08 February 2009 @ 11:02 pm

Title: Sizable Transmutation

Author: [info]zakai_

Rating: NC17

Type: Yuri, Growth, Gift Fic, COMPLETE

Warnings: Written for the Growth Kink, so expect more time spent on ‘growing’ than normal.

Pairings: Riza/Winry

Summary: Winry messes with one of Ed’s unfinished arrays, getting herself and Riza into a very “big” mess.


A/N: Written for  [info]m_s_fuery.


Chapter Listing Here


Chapter 3 - Transmutation