January 16th, 2009

The Best Kept Secret In Central City

Title: The Best Kept Secret In Central City (or Colonel Mustang Used To Be a Lucky Bastard)

Rating: PG (13ish?) for swearing

Pairings: None. Perfectly gen

Summary: Central City is freezing, the Military Headquarters has lost heat, and Colonel Mustang is keeping a secret.

A/N: Okay, for god's sake, don't take this thing seriously. It is a silly, silly bit of writing. It began in June of last year when it was blazing hot, the Fahrenheit 107 challenge concocted by evil_whimsey to distract from the obscene temperatures, as well as to spur on the Muse. I concluded it in just the past few days, while it was pretty damn cold, as another exercise in getting the words flowing again after a huge move. It's little more than a situation-prompt, where I shook all the characters out of their boxes and told them 'go have fun'. As such, it's absurd.

Half writing exercise, half crack, unbeta-ed (except for a read-through and general thumbs up, keep going)- don't expect any miracles. This is not Rusted Dawn. This is about as far from Rusted Dawn as it gets. People might be slightly OOC (don't care), the set-up is ridiculous (don't care); this is about as polished as I expect the silly thing will ever be.

Those caveats aside, it was pretty damn fun to write in places. I was snickering rather hard as I wrote some sections, and I hope it'll provide you with at least a bit of amusement as well.

On to the story...
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