January 13th, 2009


Hey, new around here, though not quite new to FMA.

I was looking through the recent essay posts, and got to thinking.... would people here be interested in having an FMA-centered debate?
Only not an actual serious debate, more of an FMA bullshit competition. Like, to take some completely out-there idea, say, "How FMA demonstrates the evils of Communism", and then try and argue it out.
It could be fun :D

Sooo... thoughts?
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Title: Loss
Rating: T
Characters: Gracia and Maes Hughes. Mustang.
Warnings: Angst, tragedy
Summary: He had to let it out. He’d been holding it in all day and he wanted it gone. He’d kept quiet and calm and made himself smile and speak softly but he just couldn’t do it anymore.

Maes got out of the car and hurried over to open the passenger’s side door, but Gracia had already opened it. She stood up out of the car, swaying a little, her white nightdress pale in the dimness of the early evening.

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