January 11th, 2009

free fall
  • kalliel

January-February 2009 @ fma_exchange: Holiday Exchange!

The January-February 2009 round of fma_exchange is open for sign-ups!

In honor of the new year, this round is a litter different, however. People will post requests as per usual. However, instead of being assigned a prompt by the mods, participants will be able to choose which prompt they would like to write. This is in the style of many other holiday fic exchanges, the names of which all escape me at the moment D:. In essence, this is your chance to get that one fic, that you always thought should be written, but for whatever reason, hasn't been. Or perhaps you're interested in receiving a fic scenario that's been done a hundred times over, but with a slightly different slant to it. Whatever you've in craving, this is your chance to request it.

Curious? More information can be found at the request post. For this particular round, both members and non-members are welcome to participate.

Thank you!
lotus moon

fanfic - cause for concern

Title: Cause for Concern
Author: metisket
Characters: Havoc, little Elrics
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist does not belong to me.
Summary: In which Havoc meets the Elric brothers, and the Elric brothers do their level best to make him sorry about it.

  • grygon

FMA meta

I would like a list of your favorite meta (essays/discussions/comparisons/crack/etc.) regarding our beloved FMA. Manga OR anime.