January 2nd, 2009

SPN Destiel

Fanfic and first post

I've been with this community for a while, just never had anything to contribute. Well now I do!

Title: FMA Drabbles
Chapters: 1/?
Chapter title: Ink
Rating: G-PG
Pairing: Ed/Havoc
Summary: (for over all collection) - Collection of Fullmetal Alchemist drabbles. All pairings. Including Yaoi, Yurri, and Het.
Chapter Summary: Havoc's lover's studious habits prove to be an annoyance.

Enjoy! >kjb25946.livejournal.com/6025.html


[Fic] Remembrance

Title: Remembrance...

Warnings: Drama, some angst and mentions of character death. 

Word count: 13,789

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and its characters and settings were created by Hiromu Arakawa and are distributed by Square-Enix, Viz and Funimation.  I do not own it and no profit is being made.
Summary: Ed had always been able to do anything, was looked up to by others and held above all else by his brother.  After leaving Amestris for the other side of the Gate, how does Ed deal with the things he can't do.  Because after everything, Ed is only human...right?

A/N: Written for the fma-exchange in which the request was [info]yixsh’s and it can be found here. I tried to incorporate a little bit of everything.  I'm sure I got the angst and the paternal bonding, the rest...possibly?

Master post can be found here