Sera (mahoubunnybell) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Yup. The RPG needs members.

Okay. A few months back I started a Hagaren Yaoi RPG on GJ, and posted here to get some members... well, some time has passed and some mmembers have left us, so I thought I'd post again to see if anyone is intresting in joining.

The RPing takes place on AIM. You can read all the old logs and basic here on the GJ comm. Warning: The RPG is FULL of spoilers for the anime.

We currently need the following characters:

  • Riza Hawkeye

  • Jean Havoc

  • Farman

  • Breda

  • Hohenheim

  • King Bradley

  • Sloth

  • Law (Greed's chimera)

  • Scar (temporary roles until their RPer returns. She's having personal issues and will be gone awhile)

  • Izumi

  • Serge

  • Lyra/Dante (played together until Dante decides to take Lyra's body)

  • Lust (I MAY drop this role)

  • Gluttony

  • Archer

  • Russel

  • Fletcher

  • Maria Ross

  • Broche

  • Barry the Chopper (we might do something manga-esque with him... as manga!Barry makes me happy)

  • ...if you think of anyone else tell me and I'll give a "yes" or "no".

Anyway, IM me on AIM at MahouBunnyBell, or our Al at Selvin9502 if interested in joining.
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