November 24th, 2008

Madoka ¤ Hurt

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Sunset Devastation
It is a not so distant future in the world. The days go by as normal; go to school, go to work. Do the same habits that all humans do everyday. The world is at peace, and if anything, the world is considered boring, content at best. That is, until something begins to happen to the seemingly ‘normal’ world. The days begin to grow darker, the weather begins to change. What’s changing is unpredictable by any of the modern sciences that the world has. At first, it doesn’t seem like a problem. Then, people start to change in the towns and cities. Some disappear; others seem to be taken over. Then, others start to receive new strengths. They turn into something that can seemingly fight the forces that are threatening the world. The few who change for the better are drawn together, and realize that their normal, boring lives are about to change. They will have to fight together, to save the world that they live in.

Sunset Devastation is an RP based off of character development and participation. It accepts characters from all fandoms, and its direction is based off of the players’ actions. Characters begin being normal humans, and then develop their canon abilities as the plot moves on. We’re searching for literate players who want to have fun. Please check it out, we’re new and in need of players.
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Would love to have some FMA characters!