November 21st, 2008

Rusted Dawn, Pt. 9

Title: Rusted Dawn
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: NC-17 overall‎
Summary: It's too close; he's crumbling, and he can't stop the slide into this disaster.‎
A/N: Sorry for any delays! My internet is currently out at home, so it's only by the good graces of the ‎‎Cheektowaga Public Library system that I'm able to post at all. (The libraries are my best friends right ‎‎now!) But at the moment I'm counting the lack of connectivity as a boon, because I've been able to ‎‎focus on the writing without any distractions. And believe me, this chapter needed precisely that! As ‎‎usual, massive, enormous glomping thanks go to evil_whimsey, whose feedback on this ‎‎story is of more assistance than I can ever describe. ‎

And yes, I'm evil. I realize this. I'm sorry.‎

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Breda sounds exhausted, though ‎businesslike as ever. “It's a mess up there, sir,” he says by way of greeting.

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