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14 November 2008 @ 03:26 pm
In honor of Novembeard, and a certain character's appearance with a beard, Raja and I wondered what Roy would look like with different beards. I was far too lazy to draw something new, so I photoshopped a previous drawing. And then some more...

To the beards!
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14 November 2008 @ 10:23 pm
blood+ [x12]
saya/haji; x8
saya/solomon; x4

eureka seven [x14]
anemone; x8
dominic; x2
anemone/dominic; x4

final fantasy [x11]
ashe; x11

fullmetal alchemist [x9]
edward; x2
riza; x7

kingdom hearts [x22]
namine; x12
roxas; x3
marluxia; x1
marluxia/namine; x1
axel; x2
riku; x1
sora; x1
namine/kairi; x1

one piece [x18]
nami; x17
nami/zoro; x1

tokyo mew mew [x9]
ichigo; x5
minto; x4


fading from my life.
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