November 8th, 2008

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Fic: Least Complicated (Roy/Ed, not worksafe)

Least Complicated
"Emotions were messy and complicated and his impulse with all things messy and complicated was to skewer them like an insect on a pin and then examine them from all angles."
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Length: 3150 words.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: Not worksafe for sex. Spoilers through the end of the anime (but relatively mild spoilers). Same continuity as see the bird with the leaf in her mouth, but should be readable on its own. Beta'ed by the wonderful pandoraculpa; all remaining errors are my own.

( The problem with the library, Ed thought, was this..... )
[animals] hello thar ... kittay

[Fic] Rose Thorns

Title: Rose Thorns
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Genre: Alternative Universe/Drama/Angst
(Pairings: Future Ed/Roy)
Chapters: 01/?
Ratings: NC-17 (heed the warning bellow)
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Forthwo and Arawna for betaing, and to all those who have supported me in general. You are invaluable.

Notes: The age difference between Ed and Al is seven years -- you'll notice that I've messed around with the ages of several characters. Mainly the story sticks to the manga, although this is AU and therefore it's not so important if you're only accustomed to the anime. In fact, I might use some anime characters in order to weed out the use of OCs.

WARNING! This story is rated for strong violence, language, gore and rape. Read at your own risk.


Ed bit his bottom lip and shut his eyes, beating back any thoughts that forced themselves on him. He could see it all too clearly, as if burnt into the back of his eyelids: memories of fresh blood and the whites of his mother’s eyes. Feeling his stomach roll sickly, he fought to retain his callous detachment and tuned in to the reality of the present moment: wheat grazing his fingertips, baked earth crunching underneath his boots, the wind in his hair, the warmth of his brother’s hand…

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