October 25th, 2008

Talathia: I am A Monster


Hello FMA fandom, have you misssssed me? I drew Edward as a dog a really long time ago. Recently fell face first into the fandom no thanks to a friend linking me to watch-fma. >>; Able to see the series back to back over a week/weekend. Picked up 1-14 on the Manga which.. I'm on book five. I've cried a few times reading that. Wtfwtfwtf.

8| I'm hooked. I missed you FMA. Sry I drifted away for a while.

As I said before, and the entire point of this entry; I come with art
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Byakuya glasses epicness

FMA Pocket watch


I'm currently selling Ed's pocket watch. I have thought I lost mine and bought new ones....only to find the old ones when I was moving XD

So, now as I don't need two identical watches, I'm selling one.

you can view the item here:

The price is 25 USD + shipping.