October 5th, 2008

  • grygon

Attention Fan Artists

Attention FMA fan artists: fma_art needs you! We need your art, icons, parodies, and photomanips!

Also, as mod, I am considering opening the community for other media such as fanfic... what do you all think? Maybe a specific kind of fanfic like poems and drabbles, that way we're not over run with x-posted fics by the millions.

Discuss. Do you want to post your more artsy-type fics to fma_art, or should we keep it visual arts only?

Solitude and Good Company

Title: Solitude and Good Company
Author: Lyra
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ed/Winry
Spoilers: None, implied to take place after Chapter 47.
Synopsis: Unable to protect their friend while they search for the Philosopher’s Stone, the Elric brothers do the only thing they can to reassure Winry that they haven’t forgotten her.

( I hope this letter gets to you. We’re in the middle of nowhere, and I’m going to leave this with the coach driver for him to mail. If he doesn’t, well, then you won’t read this and I’m wasting my time. )