August 14th, 2008

looking for an item

Not sure if this post is up to par with the guidelines (though I didn't see anything against it).

Gluttony is my fav character of the series (yeah... I'm weird!), though he lacks a lot of merchandise I've seen one item around that would be cool to own:

Thing is I wouldn't know where to get it safely, I saw it a few times on ebay but didn't have paypal when I did. I've also seen it on a few websites via google but I'm not sure of their safety (and often the post was very old). So I was wondering if anyone knew of a safe online source to get this keychain (that includes if you have it and are willing to part with it)?

Also to stay on topic a bit more I may as well ask if anyone else was surprise after reading ch86 at the return of a certain character (if you read it you know who I'm talking about)? Because I seriously was D:

Fanfic in need of love

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to say that I've recently discovered a series on that's in great need of love: the "They All Lived" series, by LadyWordsmith. It's post-The Movie, it's got Ed/Winry, Roy/Riza and Al/SomeoneIcan'tname, family drama, political drama, military drama, and a healthy dose of fluff.
There are 10 parts up already (13 chapters), and the author wrote on her profile that she's planned at least five more parts.
They're posted separatly, but here's the link to chapter 1. The others can be found at LadyWordsmith's profile

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do! :)