August 11th, 2008


Fanart - Roy/Ed

WAAAAAAAAAARRGH, I FINISHED!!! @_@ I've been working on this piece for god knows how long already. I always spend such a long time on these drawings.

:V This is also probably the most detailed background I have ever done in my LIFE. No joke.

Anyways, this piece was also inspired by Closer. I would've said that I was illustrating a part in the fic, but then I realized that Roy probably wasn't wearing his military uniform at that point, so I guess it's only a bit based on that scene? Well, whatever. I'm very proud of how this turned out~

Rated PG, and no spoilers.

A kiss under the rain.
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[DS] LAST CHANCE - Lowered Prices on Fullmetal Alchemist DVD SET & More!!

Hi guys - this is going to be my last call on the remaining Fullmetal Alchemist items before I go on Vacation. This should be my last sales post on these items for the summer, please get them while you can.

I've lowered the prices on EVERYTHING and added some new goodies, too!!

Don't like my price? Let me know your best offer and we'll work something out!!


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