August 4th, 2008

Mondays are a bitch.

Ends In Tears

Title: Ends in Tears.
Author: Lilangelheather.
Fandom: FullMetal Alchemist
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: Humor.
Summary: In which Ed complains about his lack of luck with... Well, anyone, really. And all Al wanted was to finish his book.

Warnings: References both yaoi and het pairings of all shapes and sizes. Spoilers for end of series and movie! Contains a massive amount of whiny!Ed. 

'God,' Ed cried out to a deity he still adamantly refused to believe in. 'You suck.' )

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EdxWinry - Missed the Understanding - Chapter 2

EdxWinry Fanfiction

Title: Missed the Understanding

CHAPTER 2 - Regroup and Rendezvous Part B

Author: Laura/Letishia/lklbooks

Summary: Winry comes to Central for the celebration of Amestres’s first full year of democracy and ends up trying to help Edward win over the mysterious, unnamed girl he’s got a crush on.  Edward becomes enveloped in work and new terrorist group threatens national security, just as a large group of foreign envoys arrive.    Humor, romance, drama, alcohol, and Xingians abound.  EdWin, RoyAi, LingRanFan, and AlMei

Rating: T+ (for adult situations, strong language, and some violence)

Disclaimer:  I’m not Hiromu Arakawa; if I was, this would all be in Japanese.  Every word of this is mine (besides a couple flashbacks), but the characters aren’t (besides a couple of OCs). 

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