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ZaKai Stonewall
22 July 2008 @ 10:29 am
Fan art for sky_dark 's Candor. Inspiration was from Chapter 2 near the end at this line: He looked away from Roy and shut his eyes. 

It's work safe (rated G) for those of you who may be viewing at work or school.

Fake cut to the art. 
never seen by waking eyes.
22 July 2008 @ 03:56 pm
Avatar: The Last Airbender » 53
Fullmetal Alchemist » 67

Voices of a Distant Star » 33
Total » 153

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i don't want to miss
the look on your face
when i drive away
22 July 2008 @ 04:23 pm
Hello! I'm very new here (as in three seconds new), and I thought I'd just put a few things forward.

 1. I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find some Royai LJ Layouts (I'm basically just echoing a question someone asked at the royai comm [and I don't know how to link. ^^;;])
2. I come bearing coloured doujinshi panels, but I can't colour (more evident in the second one). Constructive criticism and tips are very much appreciated... 

The first is from a doujinshi called Honey, the second from one the person I got it from thought was called No Game No Life (if that made sense. ^^)


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