July 21st, 2008


FMA Characters Wanted!

"Mukashi mukashi..." so all stories begin, but "happily ever after" is not always the end...
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Mukashi Mukashi is an AU roleplay for anime/manga/video game characters in which characters are cast in the roles of archetypes from myths, legends and fairy tales and are set loose to stumble across each others' paths in one big melting pot of fate. At the heart of all this lies the mysterious Narrator, who only wants a good story. And the Narrator's definition of "good" may not always be a happy ending...

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mod e-mail: mukashi.mods@gmail.com

All characters are available! Please apply if you're interested or contact a mod if you have questions. Thanks!
[MN] star-crossed lovers

I did a marathon. The lazy kind.

Hi there! I just got into the FMA fandom a little while ago when a friend introduced me to it. I've been watching it with her, and yesterday we had a marathon. Fourteen hours; 28 episodes in one day. (Man i feel lazy, but it was so worth it!) I just finished episode 40 and we're going to have one more marathon to finish the last 11, the movie, and the OVAs. I'm really enjoying this storyline and I hope once I finish the series I'll be able to contribute to the fandom a bit more. It's nice to meet you all!
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