June 23rd, 2008

Juvenile otp

Fanart: fart with a few added letters 8D

Oh, and I drew this new picture. For a friend, based off her fic. It also helps that it's my OTP. (And there's a second favourite pair hidden in there 8D)

Click on the picture to go to actual post.

New Copic Sketch markers and my faithful old Prismacolours.

I actually did a decent background for once... wow. Too bad the sky sucks so bad D: it's always something.

Please tell me what you think~

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More chapters of "Casualties!"

Author: kashicat
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: Casualties
Chapter: 5 & 6 of 8
Rating: T, on FF.net
Pairing: Roy/OC, Riza/OC, implied Roy/Riza
Summary: How Roy and Riza appear from the point of view of people on the “outside,” and what can happen if these people become entangled in their lives

The story starts here, on Fanfiction.net

Chapter 5 and 6 start here
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Felis Arcanum

Title: Felis Arcanum
Author: silkendreammaid
Rating: Teen
Genre: drama/tragedy
Warnings: swearing
Summary: Sometimes happy endings just never seem to come to those who need them most. In the underground city, Alphonse dies and Edward is transformed.
Notes: Chapter Twelve: Funerals

Previous Chapters

Due to lj's limit on post length i've had to split this chapter, so the link at the bottom of the first part will lead straight to the second half

silken :)

There was no right weather for a funeral, Roy thought as he stood in place watching the matching coffins being lowered into the ground.

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FIC: Altered Perception, CH. 5

Title: Altered Perception
Rating: R
Characters: Havoc and Mustang mostly, with bits of Ed, Al, Hughes, Hawkeye, and Breda (no pairing)
Warnings: Kinda violent
Summary After Havoc goes AWOL while on a mission, everyone starts to wonder why he is acting so strangely.

Here's chapter 5: Havoc didn’t move when they came into the room. He didn’t flinch, didn’t even look up. He just lay there, curled, his light grey prison clothes almost the same cool color as the floor beneath him.

To start from the beginning, click here
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