May 29th, 2008

[Legend of  Zelda] Camouflage

Would anyone like a community?

Hello! I own fma_mirror, a community where you can find out which character you resemble the most. However, since I barely even visit LJ anymore, I want to give it to someone who would properly take care of it; the community has a co-mod, but I don't want to continue to make her do all the work. Would any of you guys want it? There are a lot of members who need stamps, a lot of stamps that need to be made, and a new look for the place wouldn't hurt.

I also own the following communities, which I also want to give away:
* furuba_match (A Fruits Basket matchmaking community).
* elfen_rating (An Elfen Lied rating community).
* excel_p3_rating (An Excel Saga/Puni Puni Poemy rating community).
* survivhor_rate (A rating community for the survival horror genre of video games).
* tmm_mirror (A Tokyo Mew Mew mirror commu)

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take care of them!
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Here be a fanart post.

So, rather than fall asleep again in the middle of my exam revision, I decided to draw.

Even prodigies need sleep. (Completely worksafe - features small I MEAN young children; link to deviantart)

It's not finished, so any suggestions (as to the background etc) are muchly appreciated while I can still change things!

(Crossposted everywhere; apologies if this bothers you!)