May 27th, 2008

[W] You are not one.

FMA Dressing Room community

I read through the community rules like five times, and didn't see anything saying community promos were off-limits; and I keep seeing other communities being advertised here, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules by doing this.

fmadressingroom is one of those roleplaying communities that are hip and popular these days where you don't have to app, multiple people can play the same character, and pretty much the only rule is Don't Be A Jerk. The opening date will be June 1st, but joining is allowed before then, as well -- posting just won't be enabled until then.

The OOC community is fmadressingooc. We hope more people will come and play~!
Edward Note


I've done this twice now and haven't managed to finish all the requests for one shots that people ask for. So I've decided that this time, I'll put a limit of 5 per comm on this one. Any pairing from this fandom at any rating. Just request with a prompt of some sort (a word or sentence to help me start the story) and I'll let you know when I've gotten it up and give you a link in a comment back. Please put all requests in this format:


Please be ready to explain your prompt a bit if I ask. Thanks and enjoy!
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Fanart - Vagabonds Stuff

Woo, I've got two pieces of fanart with me this time, though to be honest, I was rather lazy on finishing them up...

The first one is of Ed and Al in the mountains of Drachma, and the second is of girl!Ed having a rather embarrassing meeting with Roy.

Rated G, and no spoilers.

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