May 19th, 2008

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Making of a Monster

If anyone remembers the True Form head created for the manga Envy cosplay last year, I finally got around to showing just how I built the monster from start to finish via a series of pictures (if anyone was curious as to the process of it).

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Massive Doujinshi Sale ^_^

Massive Doujinshi Sale

Hi everybody! Okay, so here’s the thing…I’m selling of about HALF of my massive FMA Doujinshi collection to help raise funds for my booth at this up coming A-kon in Dallas Texas. (Why, YES, I will be there selling much in the way of hot hot FMA yaoi art) I have about 23 books up for grabs, 20 FMA and 3 Trigun, and rather than try to sell them on E-bay I thought I’d give you all first crack at them as I <3 the community so much. ^_^

Any who…. 

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Fanart - Bums by a Bridge

I have created a new series which I will, from this day forward, call Vagabonds, which centers around on Ed and Al who are on the run from the Amestrian government! It's also one of the prompts that I'm willing to draw fanart for whoever's willing to write it for me....

Rated G for quality brother time, and no spoilers!

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Felis Arcanum

Title: Felis Arcanum
Author: silkendreammaid
Rating: Teen
Genre: drama/tragedy
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist
Summary: Sometimes happy endings just never seem to come to those who need them most. In the underground city, Alphonse dies and Edward is transformed.
Notes: Chapter Five: Departures

Previous Chapters

please enjoy
silken :)

The room fell silent. Alphonse Elric was dead. They had all seen him lying there. There was no way that he could be alive and walking around Central.


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