May 18th, 2008

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Fanfiction Oneshots

Since other people are posting links to their fanfiction and not getting slammed for it, I guess it's alright. :'D

Title : Brotherhood
Author : MilesTailsPrower-007
(Which is actually just me under my usual username.)
Genre : Family
Rating : G? (There could be some "damnit", but I doubt that scares anyone.)
Disclaimer : Characters belong to Hiromu Arakawa, and boy, am I glad!
Characters : Ed and Al
Spoilers : Brief chapter 52 spoiler at some point, but you're warned before then.
Summary : Brotherhood, the one thing Ed and Al have that refuses to be torn away. Collection of brotherly oneshots of varying length. No OCs or pairings. Reviews appreciated!

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It's actually over on FF.Net, if that's okay.

Link to Story @
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Fanart - Ed and a parody....

Oh my, I missed a day, didn't I?

Ah, this time I have another Ed piece, and a little parody of FMA, which I'm not sure if it's allowed, since it's not actually FMA fanart cause it's of a another fandom, but it is based off of FMA.... yeah, just tell me if it's not allowed.

Rated G and maaaybe PG-13 cause of Dexter Morgan's admiration of severed body parts.... No spoilers too.

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