May 11th, 2008

Atra Viscus

Atra Viscus, an AU anime/videogame roleplay.

The world is plagued with everlasting night because of the constant darkness that shrouds the people's hearts.

The vampires feed on unsuspecting humans as means for survival, but constantly search, spurred by strange rumors, for a way to become humans themselves. The hunters try very hard to get rid of the vampires based on orders from their leader... orders which are not to be questioned.

The character you apply for is required to be in one of four sects in Atra Viscus: Vampires, Half Vampires, Hunters and Humans. A constant battle is going on between the vampires and hunters and it is up to you to decide how your character will affect this battle.

Which path will you choose? ...Will it even be the right one?


HeiEd - Machina

[fic] "Forward the Machine" - Chapter 04

Title: Forward the Machine - Chapter 04
Genre: Action/adventure, AT (diverging from mid-CoS)
Rating: R
Coauthor/beta credit: My lovely livewife mikkeneko and partner in crime sky_dark
Summary: (AT diverging from mid-movie): What if the Thule Society hadn’t opened the Gate on that fateful November 8th? What if Alfons Heiderich had yet to fire his rocket? What if Alphonse Elric was still out there searching? And what if Edward Elric...disappeared...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Am willing to trade drawings for fanfics!!

Not quite sure if this is allowed, but I read the rules, and it didn't say anything against this, so.....

Hey hey people! Cause I'm running out of ideas of what to draw, and I want to read more fanfics, I am willing to bribe authors with drawings to write my plotbunnies. And can I just say that I will also explode from joy if anyone is willing adopt these bunnies of mine? Cause I will.

EDIT 5/15/08: ADDED MORE BUNNIES! I think I may do this some more if more ideas strike me.....

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You can either go to my dA account here or browse through the posts in this community to see how I draw.

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On a side-note, I was wondering why some people think that the language spoken in Amestris isn't English. As far as I've seen in the anime and manga, most of the written material is in English, especially that one scene in the anime where Ed writes a letter to Winry.