May 8th, 2008

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Envy AMV x-posted

After a few hours of skittles and Pepsi, I bring you a new amv. The main character in this is Envy. So this is for all of you Envy fans out there. The song I used is Karate by Tenacious D. If you do not have a sense of humor, then you probably shouldn't watch it. It's just a little one minute vid.

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Felis Arcanum

Title: Felis Arcanum
Author: silkendreammaid
Rating: Teen
Genre: drama/tragedy
Warnings: swearing
Summary: Sometimes happy endings just never seem to come to those who need them most. In the underground city, Alphonse dies and Edward is transformed.
Notes: Chapter Two: Survival

Previous Chapters

Thank you to all who read the first chapter, I don't feel so nervy
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“Don’t you dare die on me, bastard. Not tonight, not after Al. You are not allowed to die, do you hear me, Mustang?” He tried to say but it came out as a low growl and a hiss.

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Ed/Ran Fan Blue Moon

I apologize in advance for this!

I'm trying to track down a high resolution image of the transmutation circle Ed and Al used when they tried to bring back their mother. I asked about it ages ago and someone linked me, but I lost the saved image when my computer crashed. I tried back-tracking the community to find it and searched google, yahoo, and all that, but I still can't find it. It's the only one I've seen where you can actually read all the text. Does anyone have it or know where I can find it? I would really appreciate it and I'm sorry for the trouble. ( I realize there's a rule about asking without checking memories, but unless I'm just blind as a bat, memories didn't help me at all...)

Much Love,
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