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Heeeey, guess what guys, I finally (kinda) drew someone else besides Ed! Isn't this amazing!?

Well, actually, Ed's still the focus of the picture, but still, I actually included other characters!

No spoilers, and it's perfectly worksafe. Implied Ed/Roy/Ling, or Ed/Roy and Ed/Ling.

King of KingsCollapse )
23 April 2008 @ 06:53 pm
Fic: Between (part 2)
Genre: ...drama-ish action adventure?
Characters: Lots. Mostly Ed.
Rating: ...PG? Violence, Ed's vocabulary.
Spoilers: Spoilery for some points in the series (mostly having to do with homunculi).
Summary: Ed tells his side of the story and joins Mustang for the showdown.

Notes: Things have gone off into AU land where homunculi are concerned. Sunshine, cinnamon, and honey for the most wonderful Jaya Mitai for the beta and letting me borrow concepts and characters from her brilliant Perfect After All series. And hugs for the pitchfork brigade; thanks, guys! =) Part 1 is here.

She hangs above him
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