April 15th, 2008

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Title: Bones
Rating: PG13 may be matured in later chapters
Paring: EdxRoy
Warnings: Language
Summary: How about we play a game? I send you a clue, and you try and figure out where I am keeping my victim. Get the right answer and your one step closer to saving their life, Get it wrong, and I send another clue, on their Bones...
Other Info: I had this plot stuck in the back of my head for quite sometime, but wasn't really sure how to go about writing it. So I messed with the plot a bit and here we have ch 1 of Bones. Its AU and is set in modern time like in our world today.

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30 Day SongFic Drabble Challenge: FullMetal Alchemist Set

The 30 Day SongFic Drabble Challenge is a challenge in which a song is selected at random each day and a drabble must be written to accompany part of that song. Here, I offer you the first installment of my 30 Day SongFic Drabble Challenge: The FullMetal Alchemist Drabbles.

There is a wide variety of pairings, yaoi, yuri, and het, along with fics that are just about a certain character, no pairings intended. Just take a look around, I really think you'll find something that interests you. At least, I hope you do. Ratings vary from G to R, but for the most part fall in the PG to PG-13 range.


For easy browsing of characters and pairings: Journal Front Page

Direct link to all drabbles: The Entry Itself

Please take a moment to just look around, I hope everyone can find something that interests them.