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a little more bite, a little less bark
28 March 2008 @ 03:23 am
One het, one slash.

"But the simple truth was that he wanted to see her rather badly, and, in the end, that was worth the risk of rejection. He was good at dealing with rejection by now, after all."
Pairing: Hawkeye/Havoc, animeverse
Length: 2500 words.
Rating: NC-17/not worksafe for sex.
Warnings: A little fluffy! The cut is a lie.

( The sad fact was, it took Jean a good five minutes of standing in front of the door before he could bring himself to knock. )

see the bird with the leaf in her mouth
"It all makes sense," Ed went on, "the imperfect matter purified, but purity is without vitality -- the greening into life, and then the chaos of life, which has to flourish if you want to get anything potent out of it -- and then the re-focusing of chaos, making it true without sterilizing it into lifeless purity, and then the willing sacrifice, the offering of the self -- but I still don't understand where the energy for the final stage, the rebirth from the flames, I don't see how you can get that -- it's not physically possible, there's nothing entering the reaction there . . ."
Pairing: Roy/Ed.
Length: 8500 words.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Not worksafe for sex. Prodigious talk about alchemy. Spoilers for the whole series, and set in a post-series-end semi-AU Happy Ending type thing. The cut is still a lie.

( Finding someone at his door of an evening wasn't such an unusual experience for Roy Mustang. )
28 March 2008 @ 09:51 am
Okay, I have one less request for a fic that I read somewhat more recently, and I remember a little about it.

Ed lost his memory and somehow he ended up in a brothel being used as a slave boy. Roy (and maybe Maes?) make a plan to go rescue him.

I know it was a huge plantation house with lots of very sadistic guards at a plantation house, I think it was in some remote city, not Central or anything.

It was really elaborate and well written.

Can anyone help?
28 March 2008 @ 05:01 pm
Another set of drabbles from my prompt table.  These were requested by box_of_doom .  These are rated R.

(Sight:  Al/Heiderich)  But there had been something about the silent strength he had, and the eyes...

(Red: Elric brothers)  And it wasn't for the obvious reasons of drawing attention...

(Red: Elric brothers - incest)  Ed had finally let him, weeks after Al had first spoke of wanting to...

Edit: Sorry for the bad links
Jordan College The Rules and Application The OOC Community

Twenty years before the events of The Golden Compass, travelers from every world imaginable are gathering in Asriel's Oxford and under the northern lights of Bolvangar. Rips and tears in the fabric of the multiverse lead them to the world of Lord Asriel, where they are whisked away to Oxford or the frozen North by Asriel's men for purposes unknown. Humans- or at least beings who can pass for human- are taken to Jordan College to assist Asriel's more scholarly efforts. Those different enough to raise eyebrows and attract the all-seeing eye of the Church, however, are shipped to Norroway, among the panserbjørne and witches of the far north.

Additional info under the cutCollapse )

The rules and application are here and you can see what we've got planned at our OOC community, retiring_room. For those who'd like to talk to us before joining, you can find us on IRC by following the instructions here.

We already have Ed and Riza and would love to have more FMA characters from both the anime and manga!