March 8th, 2008


Just thought of a question I always wondered. I see plenty of "Doujinshi" comics of FMA around but they always seem to be about Ed, Al, Roy and are usually some kind of a yaoi pairing... No offense but I ain't interested in any Ed and Roy butt-fun and even less interested in seeing anything involving sex between siblings.

So does anyone know of any which would have the homunculus in them at some point? (Lust and Gluttony preferably). And if so are they some kind of perverse thing or not?

Not that I hate porn or anything, I just like being warned before I view it .__.

This would probably be the best community to ask since people have Doujinshi sales every so often so I figured I should while I remember xP.

Also while I'm at it, are the FMA novels (not manga series if that's confusing) good? Worth buying?

"Competition" contest example fic: I Hate You A to Z (Roy/Ed)

Title: I Hate You A to Z
Author: priestess_grrrl
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG-13
Genre: humor
Apologies: for spamming everyone's f-list two days in a row

Notes: anotherfmafan's "Competition" RoyxEd fanfic contest is still going on, and the deadline has been extended to March 18th! Details can be found here. We eagerly await your subscriptions! Not sure what sort of "competition fic" to write? Here's an example!

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