March 3rd, 2008

screencap search! alphonse

can anyone please please help me? i'm looking for screencaps of the moment when al is being taken by those black tentacle-like things when they are trying to bring back their mother. i've looked on countless websites, sifted through thousands of galleries, and can only find this one:

i would really like caps of this same scene but from the side angle. i seriously can't believe i can't find any anywhere!

if not, can anyone tell me what episode this is from? i just didn't want to get the whole series on here just to find this one part i want. thank you :)
FMA, Not Short, Ed

New member with fic offering...

Hi all.  I promised myself I'd make an introduction when I had something substantial to contribute.   Then the fluff bunnies attacked me over Valentine's (and spilled over into other fandoms to boot).  ^^;;

So, um, Happy Belated Valentine's Day. :D


Title: Two Chocolate Kisses

Author: Quill

Pairing: light, pre-Ed/Roy

Rating: G [Uh, there's one bad word in there, so maybe PG]

Series deviation from somewhere post Ep 25. Movie-verse does not exist.

Spoilers: a few very minor ones, nothing earth shattering.

Disclaimer: I own only these little words here - and about half a dozen rapidly multiplying plot bunnies *sweatdrop* Everything else belongs to their respective owners.

Summary: When plans fall through, company comes from the strangest sources.

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Um, crossposted to a few places.  Forgive me?

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Subs request

Hi everyone!
I'm new (and totally in love with fma, of course <3), and I wonder if you can help me.
I really really need to find 41-51's subs >_< I searched everywhere, but I couldn't find anything!
Sorry for the bother!
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Shenanigins are afoot



We have communities like fanficrants and we know about how terrible the fandom is, but where's the good stuff? As terrible as some write, draw or make music videos, there's still that shining gem that made you say "Wow, that knocked me on my butt".

miscellanyfiles wants your television shows, movies, anime, books, video games and whatever your fandom is, no matter where you spawn from.

miscellanyfiles is a recommendation community for any fandom media that you think others will like. Please let your other fandoms know!!!
free fall

March-April Round of fma_exchange

The March-April round of fma_exchange is open for sign-ups!

What is fma_exchange? A community created to encourage writers to step outside boundaries and stretch their creative talents further.

For instance, if one wrote purely Ed x Winry, it might be interesting to be assigned Alphonse Elric gen!fic (or even Ed/Greed/Ling/Winry, if you wanted to try something really new XD).

More information can be found in the Rules and Guidelines.

Interested in signing up?

Thank you! Cross-posted excessively.

Why Envy is NOT Ed's revived soulless half brother

 1. If, as stated by Hohenheim, he and Dante were switching bodies with the Philosopher's Stone to live, then Envy would have completely different genetics as Ed, because Hohenheim had to have switched bodies at least once in 400 years, and Dante moving to Lyra's body proved that they take on the looks and genetics of the person whose body they inhabit.

2. How does everybody know that Envy isn't pulling the wool over their eyes? He's a shapeshifter and often takes on different personas, so obviously he's good at acting and lying. He has no reason to even tell Ed if it were true. And, as Ed promptly froze long enough for Envy to stab and kill him after Envy told him, it is very likely that it was a ploy for Envy to get an opening to kill Ed. And I'm sure it would be right down Envy's alley to mess with Ed mentally like that.

3. We've all seen it: the bad guy confesses some sort of close familial connection with the protagonist, then maims/kills said protagonist. For once, can't they just be lying? I mean, if I were a bad guy I would totally make up a lie like that just so I can off my arch-nemesis. I also wouldn't actually tell them unless I utterly had to if it were true. Seriously, do you honestly think it would be beyond your average bad guy to say that just to mess with the protagonist?

4. Of course, how do we know that the face Envy wears normally is even his real face? A comment by Lust early on indicates that it isn't. He could be anyone for all we know. Heck, he could be related to Ed anyway, but as Trisha's great great grandfather or something like that. He could be related to anyone. But since his reply to Lust's comment was that he liked looking young and pretty, as a human he was either old and hideous when he died or pretty when he was young.

5. Of course, how do we even know he's a guy to begin with? With his voice he could go either way, plus he can take both male and female forms, demonstrated when he took the form of Ed's older brother to kill Ed and of Gracia to kill Hughes.

Of course, this argument is strictly anime. For some reason, I find it more believable that his true form is a billion tons and sinks into the ground like a glacier and leaves a dent then he is Ed's older half brother. His true form is incredibly sad as well-I believe Hiromu Arakawa has some explaining to do there.

Any opinions?
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Random icon

Yes, only one. I fail so much at icons, so don't ever expect a massive pile from me like all the cool icon people post. >.>

I'm rather suprised I've never seen an animated icon of Ed's eyes in the Gate (maybe one has indeed been made, but I've never seen it...), so I decided to make one... thing is I could only grab three good screenshots of that scene, and three shots didn't make for a very good icon. So... I made my own!

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Feel free to use, I don't care about credit. XD
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