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27 February 2008 @ 12:34 am

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In a world of exploration, domination and freedom, the horizons are endless. But with the expansion of the colonies and the wars held over lands, laws are becoming increasingly enforced. Those who abide by the laws are now free and now the free men are locked away by the law. Some men are locked away for their petty crimes while others are imprisoned for simply existing; falsely accused of piracy, often resulting in execution.

With the new world, all land for free men has been torn away. The only thing left. . . is the sea. Pirates can roam free where none rule, all are equal and the better men win. Disguising themselves as civilians or sailing the seas with their masks shed, pirates are everywhere and thereís nothing anyone can do to stop them.

What will your story tell in the pages of history? Will you be your regular law-abiding citizen? Or a pillaging pirate, living life free and to the fullest without a worry or a care? Itís up to you to decide which path to take.


Sovereign Sea is a multifandom pirates roleplay set in a fictional world. It takes place in the Oweiaoip sea, spotted with six different continents rapidly being taken over by the nations. You can chose to either be a nations follower, capturing pirates either for their bounty or their wrong doings - or you can be the pirates themselves. Which will you be, and how will you change the world - for better, or for worse?

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The Icon Alchemist
27 February 2008 @ 07:07 pm

Al: This is something that we will always have in common.
Armor!Al: In this, we will always be kindered spirits.

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