February 18th, 2008

Boa: don't think y'all will ever get it

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Within the Wall
a multi-fandom steampunk game

The known world has many a storied history, varying from place to place. Times are chaotic, though they always have been, and the air is thick with anticipation. Everyone can feel that something big is going to happen, though no one knows quite what. This is a story of lies and deceit, secrets and souls, magic and technology, love and hate, peace and war. Within the walls of Lindblum, there has been a massive industrial revolution going on, hindered only by imagination.

And the wall.

As long as there has been a Lindblum, there has been a wall around it. No one can say where it came from or exactly what it is. There are two truths to the wall. The first: within its boundaries magic is weakened to the point that it would take a veritable master of the craft to perform the easiest spell. The second: technology not powered by steam ceases to work outside of the wall. There is no logical explanation, it just... is.

It all waits for you behind this wall.

Smooch <3

"Competition" Fanfic-writing Contest


Here's your chance to win some fun FMA loot from Japan!

All you have to do: write a RoyXEd (or EdXRoy) "Competition" fanfic! ^_^

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Come one, come all! Never written before? Give it a shot! An old pro? Strut your stuff! Come enjoy the thrill of "competition!" :)

If you have any questions, or would like to help judge (please!) comment or send me a message!