January 8th, 2008

Heiderich - How to Save a Life

[fic] Forward the Machine (Action/Adventure, R, AT from midmovie)

Title: Forward the Machine - Chapter 01
Genre: Action/adventure, AT (diverging from mid-CoS)
Rating: R
Inspiration and concept credit: mikkeneko
Summary: (AT diverging from mid-movie) What if the Thule Society hadn’t opened the Gate on that fateful November 8th? What if Alfons Heiderich had yet to fire his rocket? What if Alphonse Elric was still out there, searching? And what if Edward Elric...disappeared...

He looked out over rolling hills carpeted in verdant grass, and that river winding through to the edge of the world, and he thought: I have seen this place before.
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Scripts, anyone?

Does anyone know if anyone has written out the scripts for the last few episodes? I know that they've been done for earlier episodes but I cannot for the life of me find them for eps. 50 and 51.

I will love you forever if you could help me out, here.
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