December 27th, 2007

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Title: The Way Home
Author: psycholullaby 
Rating: PG
A/N: Written for loreamara  and originally posted here. For elricmas , she requested something happy or humorous featuring Roy and Ghost!Hughes. Hope the holidays treated you well <3

Two weeks, three days, six hours, ten minutes, and thirty-six seconds since that beautiful afternoon, that impeccably well-kept lawn, that sound of trumpets, quiet sobs, and a child’s desperate pleas. )
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Fic: "Against the Odds" (7/?) [AU/Gen, Al-centric]

Arc: Against the Odds
Background: How would Ed & Al’s lives have unfolded if they’d lived in our world from birth? A try at the duo growing up in our time, whilst drawing some parallels with the original story (anime verse!)
Title: Lessons in Life
Author: dreamer1789 
Genre: General
Summary: Life ever goes on; sometimes we can meet the best of friends, other times it gets us involved with people we’d rather avoid. (Ed & Al are 14/13 years old.)