December 14th, 2007


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Currently looking for FMA roleplayers for a multi-fandom RP game. Other interested parties are WELCOMED!

That's it, it's over, said and done. There isn't anything left for them in the world, is there? No followers, no worshipers. Faith and divinity evolve, as much as mankind does. With every passing breath, man changes, along with it's beliefs. But no matter what they do or say, mankind chooses to understand everything by faith. To the explanation of why the stars are in the sky, down to the long river, created by a goddess' tears. They're blurring, they're fading, the old Gods of the old world. What will they do? The concept of a God defines they need worship or acknowledgment from mortals. Without the vaguest acknowledgment of mortals, how will they continue to exist? Their altars may be empty, but is there a way they can change that?

Of course there is! The old Gods insist! From the deepest, darkest depths of creation, they still lived.

I'm tired of this, they will say let us create something so that the morals will at least know we exist, so that we may keep our immortality, we must not fade.

Present day, many of come, the Gods lie and wait in the background, most of them observing, few of them sleeping. Baring from the old world Ilucia, many had flocked and settled. Arcadia is a Utopia to many. A new beginning. Whether it be to learn or to live, they come. However, not each of them that come here are virtuous, all of those who come from different worlds have different intentions. Needless to say, it's destiny and karma, they will clash one way or another.

The different sections formed from Godly feuds, unknowingly set the stage to perhaps a battle ground or the end of the world, it's not for certain. Will they be good and help others? Or will they strive for selfish reasons, stepping over the fallen to get what they want? Or will they simply continue living, to find their own goals, neither walking in the path of righteousness or self-indulgence.

That is up to them, the Gods suppose.

Et in Arcadia ego?

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