December 10th, 2007


Art: Greed/Lust- NC17

It may interest some of you to note that this is my first ever attempt at porn.  It may be of more relevance to note that for once, I'm making an art cross-post is not a single post with 8 bajillion drawings that I'm too shy to put up individually (and that probably crashes some browsers.)

Title:  Negotiations
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Greed/Lust
Progress: Sketch
Warnings:  Het, Naked female, cunnilingus (Not so much warnings as advertisements, I'd say!)

When he realized he couldn't fight his way out, Greed decided to make a bargain with Lust instead.
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[Fic] Gingerbread Ed

Title: Gingerbread Ed
Fandom: FMA
Author: su-dama/tempusfugit3
Pairing: Ed/Winry, Al+Mei
Warning: domesticated; post manga!verse
Genre: fluff/family
Rating: PG-13 for implications
Words: 500
Disclaimer: It would be highly implausible for me to claim the series. Darn it.
Author’s Note: I bring you my first bona fide EdWin (domesticated), and my first try with Mei (can you say foreign affairs with Alphonse?). And it’s the holidays, come on. (As such, it is my experimental belief that Resembool might have some Christian undertones, or at least a wholesome nature. I don’t think they celebrate Christmas exactly, but maybe there is a sentiment for that sort of thing.) I hope this is okay with lyricnonsense. Enjoy!
For: contest over at ed_winry and anyone who wants to feel warm.
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AMV pimping

Hello, I'm new to the FMA fan community (I marathoned 51 episodes in three days and am currently reading the manga). :)

I'm fond of making AMVs that are a)extremely sappy and b)extremely sappy. I made one for FMA, dedicated to my best friend, who sorta dragged me into the series. It's set to Long Distance Call by BUCK-TICK, and is about the Elric Brothers and their mom.

If you know the song, you'll know why it's very emo *sniff*

Anyway, here's the link:

and hope to get to know you guys better! :D

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Congratulations! Meet your new parents! Chapter 1

Title: Congratulations! Meet your new Parents!
Pairing:RoyxRiza (They got married <3)
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Author's Note: This was based off a dream that I had one night about Roy and Riza getting married... Basically this is very very crackish!
Discription: Roy and Riza finially got married! Riza wants to have children of her own someday but for now she is going to adopt a certain pair of siblings and Roy isn't happy with her choice of siblings...

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