December 4th, 2007

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Languages/Slang in Amestris

One of the things that every language, in every country (and probably every parallel universe) must have is slang.

Recently in one of my fics I was making an attempt to contrast the language in FMA and modern language, and came to the realization (fine, so it's not such a big discovery, but still) that the series has almost no built-in slang at all.
Now, I'm not expecting something on the level of A Clockwork Orange, which would turn the story into a semi-comprehensible treatise on worldbuilding and culture instead of the story that we all love. But this prompted me to start considering what types of slang would be prevalent in Amestris (I'm a geek, I know), which turned into…well, contemplation of the language in general.  If this sort of thing has been talked to death before, I apologize; I haven't seen it, and it was just something I was thinking about.

I don't pretend to be a linguistics expert, so there's a high chance I'm talking nonsense here, but I thought I'd bring this up in case there are other people who are interested in this sort of thing, and if they feel like sharing opinions, I'd be even happier.
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I think that's all I have to say for now. I apologize for the long-windedness, and for the fact that it didn't so much end up being about slang as…well, general language stuff in Amestris and Surrounding Countries. 
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