December 2nd, 2007

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I Am Not Over FmA--Roll call/friending meme

Who still loves FmA?  Me, for one.

This fandom's been getting kind of quiet lately but there are still lots of FmA fans out there, and new ones are minted every day.  People are still posting new fic and art, the manga's still going and there's still stuff to talk about.   So who's still around? Who is new here but hasn't made their presence known yet?  Who is kind of over FmA but still has this comm on their f-list just because?  Who wants to know what other people like your pairing so you can watch their journal?

This is kind of a roll-call/friending post.  Show yourself!  Don't be shy!   

Please reply to this post with the following:

Most under-rated FmA character:
Most over-rated FmA character:
Your preferred FmA pairing, if any:
Sue yourself: if you lived in the FmA-verse, which character would be your best friend forever?:  
Where are you now?*

*Existential or literal interpretation--your choice! 

p.s. Mods, I'm pretty sure this is okay to post, but if not, I know the drill....
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Hawkeye's Gun?

Real quick - I have never shot a gun. I'm just fascinated by them. Please forgive me if I'm using any of the terminology incorrectly. (And please tell me, so I can fix it.) I've referenced and linked to Wikipedia, but have tried to double check my information where possible.

First off, stuff about her gun. This is my baby, so I would love (love, love, love) your thoughts/opinions on this.

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