December 1st, 2007

  • ayama

Doujinshi Sale

Hello, just a reminder to tell there are still 9 doujinshis for sale. The new doujinshi in stock is a FMA reprint, Mechano #1 by Izumi Yakumo, Circle GD Mechano.

You can view and find more informations about the doujinshis HERE.

Selling one Envy cosplay wig

The wig is the ONLY thing for sale. I'm looking for around $60 for the wig since it is already set up and has only been worn to two cons. I do not plan on cosplaying Envy again hence the fact I am selling this. You pay shipping.

I also have other things for sale in my LJ (and the list is growing).

Conqueror of Shamballa script?

Does anyone know if there's an English translation of the movie script online anywhere? I'm writing a paper on it in the next two weeks and it would sure make my life easier. :P I've looked around and I haven't found one. I sure wish the Collector's Edition of the DVD had come with one ...