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The Icon Alchemist
22 November 2007 @ 11:55 am
Here is a look at the 2008 FMA Manga Calendar. I love these calendars and I get them every year.

( My fav is April )
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a little more bite, a little less bark
Just a little bit of fluffsmut.

Very Responsible
Summary: Riza was many things but irresponsible she was not.
Pairing: Hawkeye/Havoc.
Length: 1000 words.
Rating: Hard R, possibly NC-17
Author: Sister Coyote
Warnings: Adult content. Reposted and crossposted; apologies if you've seen this before. Spoilers through the end of the anime.

When Riza slipped back into the hospital room, Havoc was already up -- favoring his arm a little, but up, looking bemusedly at the black wig in his hands.Collapse )