November 7th, 2007

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fic - Evening Falls

 Woot!  I finally got around to finishing this particular set.

Title: Evening Falls
Author: ketita
Genre: sort-of horror, gen
Rating: PG-13 for blood
Sequel to  Night at the Pound and Daybreak.   

:  The only reason Ed succeeded in doing the impossible, was because Al believed he could, and the only reason he didn't die in the attempt was because Al believed he wouldn't.

Warnings/ Notes
: General manga spoilers (not for the really recent chapters, though).   Overall, I'm quite proud of this fic, mostly for being the most out-there thing I have ever written.  Thanks to zarephathcsfor the beta, and to Song for reading it over.

( Ed crossed his arms in exasperation.  "I don't get it! Why do people keep telling me that I died? Don't you think I would've noticed if that sort of thing happened?" )

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Alphonse - Just an Ordinary Day

Searching for Icons

I'm searching for Envy icons, preferably anime ones, but I'll take manga too. Envy icons seem a tad rare lately. I've also got a friend who would love to see some Greed icons, especially the moving sort.

By the way, it's for a roleplay. :)
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[khr] salute

Waste Land, Ed x Envy, R this chapter (violence, language)

Title: Waste Land [Chapter 20]
Author: Ambre [hieronymousb]
Pairing: Ed x Envy
Rating: R
Genre: Still mostly drama/angst.
Warnings: Language, violence. Ennnnvyyyy torture.
Spoilers: Wholesale series spoilers. All 51 episodes will likely be referenced.
Summary: Chapter 20: Envy finds himself. Sometimes all it takes is a bang.
Notes: In the IMMENSE AMOUNT OF TIME IT HAS TAKEN ME TO UPDATE, eli_artemisia has produced four pieces of art for this fic. (NWS) Ed/Envy sex, Ed feeding Envy a dumpling, from chapter 19, Sosostris art, and Ed comforting Envy in distress. I hope anyone reading this fic will take the time to look at these pieces.

Previous parts are in my MEMORIES. This is a multi-chapter fic. There are previous chapters. If you don't read them, what's going on here won't make any bloody sense (in as much as it makes sense anyway).

("You’re already healing. I must say, I got a pretty good shot in on your spine. I’m surprised you can move your legs.")
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