October 26th, 2007

Roy.  Not amused.
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Bizarre Ficcage

Title: Fics I'd Never Write
Characters: Any and all FMA characters
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Not work or brain safe. Bizarre pairings and even more bizarre actions.

This is an ongoing game based on this meme:
Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.
It's basically turned into:
Give me a bizarre FMA prompt that I would never, ever, ever write, and I will write it into a short fic for you.

And please feel free, after you've been scarred by the requests so far, to leave me another one to write. I'll be glad to do it. :) Try and scar me, come on! I dare you!

Fics so far:
Gluttony/Envy - 'Best Served Hot'
Archer/Havoc - 'Private Threats'
Roy/Havoc - 'Accident'
Barry the Chopper/Gluttony - 'Christmas Ham'
Elricest - 'I Can Feel You'
Izumi/Edward - 'Lesson Plan'
Sieg/Armstrong - 'Sculpted Perfection'
Chimera!Tucker/Martel/Greed - 'A Clear Head'
Black Hayate/Charlie the Dog - 'Loyalty of the Highest Caliber'
Armstrong/Mustang - 'Choke'
Pride!Ed/Fem!Ed - 'Mirror, Mirror'
Greed/Ed - 'Sweet'
Pinako/Armstrong - 'An Old Lady's Musings'
Wrath/Al - 'Affection'
Yoki/Lyra - 'Mental Imagery'
Ed + Armstrong/Sieg/Envy/Gluttony - 'The Wrong Bowl'
Ed/Dragon!Envy - Nowhere to Run'
Father + Lust/Greed/Envy/Sloth/Wrath/Pride/Gluttony (manga!verse) - 'Perfect Sin'
Alphons Heiderich/Wrath - Picking Up Strays'
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Save ME: Ch. 11

Title: Save Me
Rating: R
Characters: Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes, Ed Elric (no pairing)
Warnings: Violence and ANGST. (yaaay!)
Summary: Roy Mustang is sent to Lior and is captured. After five long weeks of torture, will he ever recover?

Here is CH. 11: “Hello?”

“Maes, it’s me.”

“Oh god, Roy, I’m so glad you called. Listen... about the sedative thing...”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m not really angry, it just... scared me.”

“I know... and I’m sorry that I scared you.”


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ESPALION: The New World.

"The discovery of [the New World] was much more than a mere scientific process, [it was] romance, rather than cold speculations of medieval geography, [that] urged men to tempt the dim seas of the West in quest of golden islands seen in dreams."

—Lewis Spence, 1913

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An alternative universe, multifadom RPG
combining the age of exploration with steampunk.

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16 FMA Iconses

Geeze, it's been ages since I've made or posted icons! But still, I hope you guys like these none the less!

[20]Code Geass
[16]Fullmetal Alchemist (spoilers for Chapters 73-76)
-[01]Edward + Winry
-[01]Ed, Al, + Izumi
-[08]Fall/Autumn icons

Icons over here~
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