October 24th, 2007


{FAN ART} FMA dog tag. I made this.

Click the image to be taken to the larger view.

I have learned how to solder and work with metal here recently so wanted to make some FMA fan stuff. I've always wanted an ouroboros necklace. I have a tattoo on my hip and a magnet on my truck, so why not my neck?

I am not obsessed. ;)

I'm going to work it over again to be reflective like a mirror after my Halloween cosplay. Right now I think the messy look fits my October cosplay. But later on I want it so shiney that it reflects the sun in people's faces and when they look at it close they can see their own face in there. Hahaha! Symbolism!

I can take dog tag commissions for $25. Email me and we can work out a contract. grygon@gmail.com

Fic Archive Question

I'm trying to find an adult-friendly site where I can archive some FMA fanfic. Touka Koukan seems to be kaput, Scimitar Smile's still invite only, and those are the only two I'm familiar with. So where are all the cool kids keeping their naughty stories these days?

EDIT: Sorry, I have FFNet and AFFNet accounts. I was hoping for something FMA or anime specific. Thanks for all the help!