October 20th, 2007

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Fic: Against the Odds (5/?) [AU, Gen - Ed, Al]

Arc: Against the Odds
Author: dreamer1789 
Background: How would Ed & Al’s lives have unfolded if they’d lived in our world from birth? A try at the duo growing up in our time, whilst drawing some parallels with the original story (anime verse!)
Title: …Troubled Soul
Genre: General (& a bit of Angst)
Summary: Taking up were we left off at the start; Hohenheim finally enters the picture. Not everyone is happy about this. The man wants answers about his wife, and only his oldest son can clue him in, but will Ed be inclined to do so? The brothers are 14 and 13 years old.
Rating: PG-13 for bit of swearing
Word count: 2,814
A/N: Long live those plot twists. ;)

(Alphonse stared between the two parties, looking torn. Must they bring that painful issue up straight away? He’d been looking forward to spending some time with the man, getting to know him a bit... Not to mention, Al had played a part in those traumatic events that he suspected not even Ed knew about. In Alphonse’s own opinion, it was he himself who was maybe most to blame for their mother’s death.)

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Ficlet: 'Midnight Mission' (AU, Gen/Humour, Ed-centric)

Title: Midnight Mission
Author: dreamer1789 
Summary: Very AU. A crisp night finds Ed on a ‘mission’ somewhere in the east of Amestris. Saying anything more will give it away. (anime!verse)
Genre: General/Humour
Characters: Ed, Envy, and some others
Pairing: hints at Ed/Winry
Rating: PG-13

We need FMA characters!

My apologies for the largish advertisement, (I did put it under a cut!) but I don't think I've asked here yet.

econtra_rpg is a fun game in which players can take up an Original Universe (OU) or Alternate Universe (AU) version of every character! It's a story-driven plot setting and a diverse bunch of talented players.

Currently, we only have Ed (both OU/AU) and we'd LOVE to have some more FMA characters, especially Al, Winry, Mustang, etc. Had an AU!character idea you've been wanting to try out? Check out the information below the cut for setting and links. :)

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I suppose now is a good time, why? BECAUSE I SAID SO! DX

Anyways, Spectral Concepts, the bizarre and still brand new AU RP, has moved now too LJ and is likely to stay there for now on unless LJ has a holocaust. Because GreatestJournal was being a punk earlier back and I got so fed up with it.. -.-;

The SN is also still the same as before: spectral_rp. And there's still lots of spots open =D

*hides in with all of the other RP ads now*... >.>;;
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Divergence, FMA EdxWinry

Divergence: Measure of a Year

Title: Measure of a Year
Series: Divergence
Author: Lyra
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ed/Twinry, Ed/Winry, Al/Other?
Spoilers: The ending of Conqueror of Shamballa, as well as previous installments of Divergence.
Synopsis: Seven years since Edward Elric's fateful choice, has he learned from his mistakes, or will he choose to repeat them once again?

WARNING: Measure of a Year is the tenth installment of an ongoing series, and will not make sense without the other parts. If this is your first encounter with Divergence, start HERE from the beginning with "In a Mirror".

( “My brother doesn’t make promises lightly, and he will fight to the death to keep the ones he makes.” )

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New Community

I've a created a new weekly prompt community called squeenix_love. It's for all fandoms by Squaresoft/Square Enix. So come over and look at the prompts to see if they inspire you to write or draw. Fanfiction and art of all kinds accepted.
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