September 21st, 2007

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Cosplay Picture Story: Kitty Ears and Lollipops

Cosplay Picture Story: Kitty Ears and Lollipops
Author: ryosato and codename_windy
Pairing: Ed x Al
Genre: Romance & Comedy
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Incest

My friend codename_windy and I cosplayed Ed and Al from the FMA: movie in Nan Desu Kan the last weekend. From some of our more interesting cosplay photos, we decided to make a picture story, since our first one with YuGiOh characters was such huge success with over 80,000 hits. We hope people will find ways to enjoy this one too! And we'd love to hear comments!

XPosted all over.

Kitty Ears and Lollipops

AH rp promo

New Year, New AH

Like Ed x Winry?
Have an original character you'd like to use in a role play?
Want more than one character in a role play?
Want an inviting, easy to start rp?
Enjoy crack, angst, romance, and high school drama?

Come to AH!

Moderator's Note: Please join. Please, please, please join! We really want a Winry to play Ed x Winry, so please apply. We'll let you know asap if you meet qualifications, so you know if you get the character or not. ^_^ We're starting this week, but it's more fun if we have more people and there are still a lot of good characters available.

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Fanart: Memories I
Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing/Characters: Maes+Roy, Fem!Al/Hei, Dante+Rose, Jean/Roy
Rating: Safe.
Spoilers: Eps which have Rewrite as OP.
Warnings: Hmmm...large file?
Notes: Remember me? The one who took requests? Here I am with the first half! You know who you guys are~~ Also, crack was involved.
Crossposted: Everywhere, including deviantART.

Artist: numi_nami 
Fullmetal Alchemist
Ed/Pride!Ed (Yes. Shiny.)
R (Not NC17 yet, rar!) Pointless smut?
non-explicit sex, dubcon?
Messy sketches. Forgive me, but I was mauled by an artbunny. Weird at first, but...hey! Um, I'll shut up now.
Sorry, f-list!

Link to my journal. :D