September 3rd, 2007

Winners of the zombie contest

Well, the time is well and truly up, so let's draw this contest to a finish. :)

Here's the breakdown of votes, links to the fics, as well as the names of the authors of each fic.

Countdown Till Dawn: 12 (40.0%) by mikkeneko

How Not to Fight a Zombie: 3 (10.0%) by gabriellaax3

Revolt of the Flesh: 8 (26.7%) by nebroadwe

Welcome Back: 19 (63.3%) by sevlow

Evil Dead: Array of Darkness: 8 (26.7%) by wiccat

Once again, everyone, thank you for writing, drawing, and submitting: thank you for reading, and voting, and generally making this zombie contest happen! Let's do this again next year!
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New RP Comm

This is the Värd Skepp, the Host Ship. People from many lands, times, and worlds are taken onto here as guests - guests under contract. What is the contract you ask? The benefits are immense - you need not pay for your time on the Host Ship, you are free to explore and live there, the food is free, and ghostly staff will wait on you every request. The price? You are not allowed to leave of your own free will - your contract will need to expire. How long will a contract last? There's no telling, all that is known is that the Host of our ship is a main that identifies himself as "Karsaburo" and to all newcomers to the Host ship he sends this note-

"You have been contracted to this ship, and are hereby bound to it. You are free to explore, to learn, to grow, and to live. The price is that until the contract expires you will never leave. If you have any wish - any at all, merely summon me. I will be watching always - and will grant any wish you may have... for an appropriate price."


It's a free-form crack-RP with any character allowed (both fandom and OC). The game has just begun and we would really like to see more characters in our journal based RP. If you are interested in joining, information links can be found below. If you would like to reserve, please post your reserve in the ooc community here.

Rules | Application Info | Taken Characters | World Information | World Map

If this isn't allowed, feel free to delete. Cross-posted everywhere, sorry if you see this multiple times.
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Emphyral - A Multi-fandom Roleplay


First Time Post
Format: Journal
Genre: Alternate Universe, Multi-fandom
Fandom: Anime, Manga, Books, Movies, and Games
Contact: emphyral [at]
Minimum Age Requirement: 14

Amidst the developing nations of the world, there remains a single kingdom that has clung onto the traditions of the past. A country of knights, nobles, peasants, and myths; a society where political conspiracies, social unrest, and scandals hide beneath a superficial layer of serenity. At the heart of the country is a lies Sanguin, the capital where modern and archaic intertwine to create a thriving cultural center for those of all social classes.

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(Almost finished) TF head

I thought I would share what I have actually accomplished, which would be an almost finished True Form Manga Envy head (It is lacking the rest of the hair, inside parts for the mouth, the stone, the tongue, and the forehead marking). The body is still being worked on, so I'm not going to share that as of yet (but you can find it in my journal if you are curious).

I have two weeks left to finish this 4 month long project for AWA 13, I hope to be able to make it in time. And if you are going to AWA, this would be what to look out for (only in finished form).

Thanks for looking and hope you guys enjoy what has been done thus far!