August 31st, 2007

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Fanfic: Against the Odds (2/?) [AU, Action/Angst - Ed, Al]

Arc: Against the Odds
Background: How would Ed & Al’s lives have unfolded if they’d lived in our world from birth? A try at the duo growing up in our time, whilst drawing some parallels with the original story (anime verse!) No crack!
Title: Parvulum Protege
Genre: Action/Angst
Summary: A flashback, takes place three years prior to part one. An unfortunate situation Ed and Al ended up in. Ed-centric.
Characters: Ed, Al, Gran, and multiple cameo's 
Pairing: none
Spoilers: none
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Title: Silver Streak
Fandom: FMA
Setting: Manor house
Characters: Alphonse and Edward
Pairings: Ed/Al
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, odd fetish. We all know that Ed's kink is Alphonse, but what's Al's kink? ;)
Word Count: 1633

Prompt: Kinky
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(They would sleep in the same bed, huddled together under their blanket and when Alphonse had a bad dream, Ed would be there to comfort him with a hug.)

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New Year, New AH!

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Amestris has just witnessed a successful coup by the military to overturn the Fuhrer and has reestablished the Parliament as the main system of government. As part of the restructuring process, the government is aiding rural areas, helping them advance in technology and other areas. New cities are springing up during this revitalization period, and in the suburban town of East Grinstead, Amestris High has been created, the first government-sanctioned public high school in the country. As military officials start to resign, Amestris High seems the perfect place to let them start over. Former military officials and local students flock to the new school in hopes of getting a secure job or an improved education. But with hormones running rampant, students that aren't even human, and a teaching staff that disregards the rules almost as much as the students, learning seems to be the least of everyone's worries.


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