August 11th, 2007

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A Continuation of Furuba!FMA

Previous Furuba!FMA post featuring Kyou!Ed and Kagura!Envy

A while back I did a sketch of Yuki!Hei, Tohru!Al, and Kyou!Ed, and I decided it would be just perfect for practicing my non-existent skills at CGing. skydark helped me install Adobe Photoshop on my computer, and both she, hakuyama, and midnightbanshee have been giving me pointers on how to work everything.(Major thanks to all of you!) Now, I present you with my first CG art EVER!

I am so unbelievably proud of how this turned out! I realize it's incredibly amateur work, but it's my incredibly amateur work, and I love it! I'm so excited over all the cool tricks you can do with this program, and I'm looking forward to experimenting with all the different effects so I can produce artwork of a much higher quality.

Comments are welcome and helpful tips are encouraged! I sincerely hope to improve so I am grateful for any advice you have to offer.

Much Love,
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[fics] Reposts = Two

I just had to share! Two stories I've posted here and at have shown in recent contests. Both are reposts, although one was originally posted ages ago, and the other was an unbeta'd version.

The first one, "...And Ever Widening Slowly Silence All" took third place in the 'One Shot' category and second place in the 'Drama' category in the Media Miner Maximum Challenge Fic contest.

The second, "Words Never Said" took third place in the Summer Mini Fiction Contest. Enjoy!

Author: fractured_chaos, aka c_b_syndrome, aka 'Heathenesque' (Multiple personalities? Moi?)

Story One: "...And Ever Widening Slowly Silence All"
Rating: R for visceral descriptions of war and death.
Spoiler Warnings None

Summary: Most people only listened to words, but the silences between them could also speak volumes to the attentive ear.

Story Two: "Words Never Said"
Rating: PG13 for language
Spoiler Warnings: Episodes 25, End of Series, Mild Spoilers for the movie

He found the thin package, neatly wrapped in white butcher paper, under the last of the stack of journals he was packing up to ship to his new post up north. Buried deliberately; all but forgotten. He’d wanted to forget it was there. The shape, weight and Roy’s name written in Maes Hughes' neat script was the only thing that hinted of what was inside.

On a little side-note: the last stanza in the poem 'Ebene's Song' is also going to figure prominently in the 'Brothers in Arms' AMV that I'm -STILL- working on. For that matter, the video kinda inspired the story.

Don't ask, I couldn't explain it anyway.