August 8th, 2007

Zombie contest extension

At this point we have a total of 5 entries to the Zombie Apocalypse Contest. The contest was originally scheduled to have closed on July 31st. However, some people emailed me requesting extensions, since they had entries that were unfinished. Therefore, the contest deadline has been extended to August 15th.

In the meantime, please hurry and read the five entries that have been posted already!

Countdown Till Dawn
How Not to Fight a Zombie 1 2
Revolt of the Flesh
Welcome Back 1 2 3 4
Evil Dead: Array of Darkness

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Wlle while looking around on myspace I can across this video.
A mix of the english and Russian versions of the song Brothers. And I thought "Dang I want that for my mp3 player"
And thus I sat down to work.
a few hours later and much trouble what with having to unwillingly use showbiz to edit the music clips to make them fit properly because my usual editor just wouldn't cut it... and having to convert the file a few times.

this is the end result.

I still have a few qualms about it... like the fact that the volume level isn't quite right mostly because the english version I had had increadibly low volume.

but yeah there it is if anyone wants to download it, the version I did sounds a great deal diffrent than the video on myspace does and you might be able to pinpoint where I had to clip things to make them fit tougher nicely... or somewhat nicely.

Out of the 4 people I've had listen to this mix 2 liked it and 2 didn't so I figure it's a matter of opinion.
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